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Art project at Burning Man 2024:



is a poignant art installation that seeks to invoke deep reflection on the enduring impact of wars and political conflicts through a visually striking representation of sea mines and a partially submerged boat.

Crafted from 2.5 mm polished stainless steel using hydroforming techniques, the sea mines appear suspended in the air by chains, while the boat is encrusted with natural shell limestone.

This project not only highlights the beauty and design perfection of sea mines but also underscores their destructive purpose and the broader theme of enduring war legacies, such as unexploded ordnances that continue to pose threats long after conflicts have ended.



of landmine-contaminated regions after military conflicts worsens over time. Unexploded ordnance from the First and Second World Wars still pose dangers. In Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, and other regions, people continue to be injured or killed by mines left from past conflicts.

In Israel, the Golan Heights have been heavily mined since 1973. Large areas remain mined, and Israel has not been able to fully address this issue. Although demining efforts are ongoing, 50 years later, warning signs about mines are still common, and accidents occur every year. The war in Ukraine has added a new mine-contaminated region to the world.

An analytical report by Globsec states that demining Ukraine will be a "complex, costly, and nearly impossible" task that the country will ultimately face after the war ends.

About 30% of Ukraine's territory (174,000 sq. km) has been subjected to intense combat operations. This area requires surveying and clearance due to the vast amounts of explosive ordnance left behind by the invaders. Consequently, Ukraine has become the largest mined territory in the world, surpassing former leaders like Afghanistan and Syria.

Complete demining of Ukraine could take 757 years and cost billions of dollars.

In 2023, there been at least 183 regional conflicts worldwide, the highest number in the past three decades, according to the annual report on armed conflicts by the British International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk stated in a briefing in Geneva that there are currently 55 armed conflicts in the world. He noted that this is the highest number since World War II.

After World War I, some countries signed agreements banning the use of chemical weapons due to their inhumanity. Later came bans on cluster munitions and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, among others. However, as the Italian Defense Minister recently noted, military conflicts have become more prevalent, and countries are increasingly violating numerous conventions because they can.



Мы начали строительство нашего арт объекта в Рино и набираем людей в команду.

Нам нужны люди, у нас есть билеты.

Пишите за подробностями в ТГ @shminke


Краткое описания инфраструктуры лагеря:

У нас есть общественная часть лагеря с общественным баром и парковкой для велосипедов.

Частная часть лагеря состоит из:

Чилаут уютный, промышленный свамп кулер в чил чтобы было прохладно, диваны, кресла, холодильники итд.

Кухня, где вы могут готовить себе еду (у нас нет питания в лагере), с холодильниками, микроволновкой, кофеваркой итд

Теневая конструкция для укрытия палаток

Душ, воду мы привозим

Питьевая вода

Электричество для зарядки ваших телефонов, гаджетов, фонарей и электровелосипедов и даже по договоренности кондиционеров.


Можно договорится о доставке ваших велосипедов на плайю в нашей фуре

И много чего еще

Для РВ у нас есть место, все удобства лагеря и большой генератор к которому можно подключить РВ.


У нас есть задачи по монтажу арта/лагеря, по обслуживанию бара на самом событии и демонтаж всего в конце.
Мы пытаемся подстроится под график участников и обычно никто не устает, а радуется на берне.


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